Our works are based on the belief that good design is the core embodiment of civilization and the perfect combination of nature and human soul. Based on this belief, we implement the following three principles to each project to ensure that our works are beautiful, innovative and maintain long-term space value and profound social influence.


1. Simple and Unadorned

Our design is simple and unadorned, which is not only out of aesthetic requirements, but also involves ethics and even a kind of obsession with truth. From the "cutting" of our earliest works "Tangshan earthquake memorial park", 400 meter long minimalist Memorial Wall to the "seal" of "Tangshan library", to the huge inverted trapezoid metal hollow volume of Bozhou gymnasium shortly after its completion, the principles of simplicity are carried out to the extreme. In the reconstruction of "Jiangzhuang", we didn't even "invent" any form. Instead, we used and quoted the form of local dwellings to make history and life shine. Simplicity has a profound power and  give honest quality to the buildings we design, which will lead to the real "beauty".


2. Meaningful form

Based on the understanding of the Oriental concept of nature and the understanding of modern and contemporary art, we introduce the language of abstract nature into architecture, and give its human interpretation and expression. For example, the "water, forest, sand, stone" landscape in Tangshan earthquake memorial park, and the "Ink Pool" landscape in Tangshan library are metaphors of Chinese traditional literati washing the ink on the brush in the pool in front of the study, while the huge "Book Mountain" ladder directly expresses the climbing of knowledge mountain. Bozhou gymnasium is derived from the abstraction of buildings and utensils of Han Dynasty, and the refinement of warrior armor patterns. Culture in our design is not the surface "decoration", but the core. Through the human expression of abstract nature, the buildings we designed have the "meaningful form".


3. Architecture for "ordinary people"

"Architecture for ordinary people" is our high recognition and inheritance of the social ideal held by the master of modernism. Tangshan earthquake memorial park is a memorial to 240000 earthquake victims, which gives hope to the living and promotes people's deep reflection on natural disasters. Tangshan library is the "Big study of the citizens", which arouses the interest of ordinary citizens in reading and recondensed the alienated society into a close community. Bozhou gymnasium created an all-weather open "living room of the citizens" through a transparent "boundary", giving the right of public space back to the people. The reconstruction of "Jiangzhuang" excavated the value of traditional construction skills, brought rich income to the local poor villagers, closed the gap between the city and the countryside, and brought new hope to the development of rural society.


We regard the three principles as the cornerstone of our existence, and will continue to implement them in the future design practice, so as to realize our architectural dream and the social value of the architect profession.