Yuan Ye architects, founded in Beijing by Dr. Yuan Ye, is a research-oriented architecture studio with a broad international vision based on Beijing, China. Adhering to the ideal of "Design changes society", the studio relies on and cooperates with CSCEC, the world's largest investment and Construction Group (No. 21 of the world's top 500), closely integrates academic research, architectural design and engineering practice, and innovates the city, architecture, landscape and interior environment in all aspects through  design practice with concise modern design language and meaningful space form , constantly seeking creative answers to contemporary problems, and in response to the characteristics of history, culture and time spirit.

Yuan Ye architects focus cultural and educational architectural design, urban design, landscape design, rural planning and architectural transformation design, etc. Studio has won a series of influential international and domestic awards, including: 2021 Architizer A+Firm Awards, First award of 2020 rtF Awards, 2019 Architizer A+Awards, 2019 Iconic Awards-Innovation Design Award, 2017 ARCASIA Awards for Architecture-Gold Award, 2016 China Architecture Excellent Design Award - First Prize, 2014 Young Architect Award of ASC (the highest honor award for Chinese young architects), 2014 WAACA China Architecture Awards - Architecture Achievement Award, 2013 China Architecture Design Awards- Gold Award, etc. 

Oue works have widely published and reported by ArchDaily, Designboom, Archilovers, Architecture Asia, Gooood, AT, UED, Designer, Architectural Archives, a+a, China-The New Creative Power in Architecture(BRAUN), and other important academic journals and professional medias, and been invited to Beijing International Design Week, China 1000 and other important exhibitions. The representative works were considered as "masterpieces with long-term space value and profound social influence".

The studio advocates "research-based design" and an equal and open "discussion" working method, highly respects the original spirit and gives full play to everyone's wisdom and creativity. Yuan Ye Architects is looking forward to working with young architects and designers with  ideals to make our world better with the power of design.

Yuan Ye Architects

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